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PSIM Tech Fraud

Investors lost millions, the world lost billions for humanitarian relief,
... and I lost my entire life's work - what would you do?
Publicly traded companies and investors defrauded, billions of dollars lost
for humanitarian relief.


PSIM is a technology that can be used for many life-saving and life protecting applications,  

or it can be used for things you nor I would like ... 


Evidence shows that numerous public companies and investors were defrauded through the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based Proximex by ADT/Tyco in March 2011 (article):


  • ADT (former symbol: ADT now under symbol APO)

  • Apollo Global Management LLC (symbol: APO)  

  • Tyco (former symbol: TYC, now under symbol: JCI)

  • Johnson Controls (symbol: JCI)

  • Sector 10 (symbol: SECI)


The security integration technology in possession of Proximex was stolen from Sector 10, Inc (publicly traded) through a breach of contract by the manufacturer hired by Sector 10 in Logan, Utah. Evidence shows that the technology theft that originated with the manufacturer (Dutro Company and Reality Engineering) was executed in collusion with Silicon Valley-based Valley Inception, LLC and Incisive Software Corporation. Evidence also shows the technology was laundered through various corporations, spread over different states and then sold to ADT/Tyco, another publicly traded company. It became the subject of legal disputes in 2009.


Tyco seems fully engaged in suppressing public awareness of its subsidiary's status (Proximex) as defendant in the legal proceedings (Sector 10 is the plaintiff): Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah.


Were decision makers at ADT/Tyco fully aware of the fact that the alleged Proximex technology was unlawfully obtained? At least one person at ADT/Tyco did receive a letter from Sector 10 lawyers alerting them of the disputed technology and the legal actions. (read that letter here).


It is unclear if Johnson Controls was aware it was buying stolen technology when it acquired Tyco in 2016.

It is unclear if Apollo Global Management LLC was aware that ADT had previously acquired stolen technology/Proximex (later also part of Tyco), when Apollo Global acquired ADT in 2016.


After eight years of trying to resolve this in silence, it is time you learn the truth. My name is Pericles DeAvila, the inventor and founder of Sector 10. I lost my life’s work, investors lost millions ... and the world lost billions of dollars destined for humanitarian relief. 



Technology: the PLX-3D System, now known as PSIM (Physical Security Information Management)


Pericles P. DeAvila is the founder and now chairman of Sector 10, Inc. He is the inventor of the SRU, MRU, and the PLX-3D Software System. Sector 10 was founded in 2000 with a Mobile Safety Apparatus device to address compliance regulation by OSHA. PLX-3D (Pericles Logix System in 3 Dimensions) is a technology that expands upon this initial product.


The following patents were filed for Sector 10 Holdings, listing Pericles DeAvila as the inventor:


  • 2000: Mobile Safety Apparatus (original patent)

  • 2007: Distributed Safety Apparatus / PLX-3D System (expansion on the original patent)


The PLX-3D technology was developed to protect and save lives.


PLX-3D is a software process platform that renders a building, a city, a county, a state, in 3 dimensions to track and command full situational awareness of a disaster area.  That way a central command can effectively manage first responders to address and allocate life-saving equipment where it is needed the most.


On a global scale, the PLX-3D platform represents the largest leap forward and a radical change in the way security, life, and safety systems are integrated. Today it is known as Surveillint PSIM, a disrupter technology marketed and sold around the world by Tyco, formerly with ADT, and now operating under Johnson Controls.


Sector 10's integrated technology offered the first user interface and cloud-based life safety & security integration platform on the market, before cloud became mainstream. The 2007-08 gif illustration below shows the network that was ALREADY built and paid for by Sector 10 before the technology was stolen.

(click to enlarge)



Because of the technology’s success in the marketplace, ADT and Tyco split into separate companies in 2012, with Proximex operating under ADT and then Tyco Security Systems. Tyco was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2016.


Detailed discoveries are available in the timeline. It includes dates, events, activities, downloadable documents, and identifies the small group of (mostly related) people whose business dealings are the red thread weaving it all together.


Sadly, this same group of people seems to have defrauded numerous entrepreneurs and businesses, including Sector 10. They appear to be tied to an equally interesting group of investors that follow them from prey to prey. Countless victims can be found in Utah court filings, and in California.



Billions of dollars lost for humanitarian aid


Because of its life-saving focus and disaster relief component, 10% of Sector 10’s profits were channeled into a 501(c)(3) dedicated to humanitarian purposes. The funds of “DeAvila Alatus Foundation” (through the Pericles DeAvila Institute for Humanitarian Studies) were allocated to medicine/medical deployment to 3rd world countries, clean water, and other pressing humanitarian needs. 


PSIM is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing exponentially year by year. Eight years of Sector 10 revenue loss due to the technology theft and ensuing legal disputes resulted in a loss of millions, if not billions globally. These funds could have saved countless lives by providing vaccinations to millions of children in Africa (targeted vaccine costs $1-$2/child); or funding to help relief the burden of maternal and neonatal tetanus (estimated cost $1-$3/mother); or bring shelter and medical supplies to the recent 22.5 million people displaced from their homes because of war issues - the most ever (2016 study).


I n the early 2000s the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation expressed interest in supporting the humanitarian activities of Sector 10, Inc.  How unfortunate that a cause worthy of their attention is dying a slow death thanks to corporate greed …



Is it time to make things right?


I am just a man.

I put my pants on in the morning, one leg at a time ... this is not about me, but about all of you too.


Perhaps you are a betrayed investor in any of these public companies, believing the beautiful stories you were told.


Perhaps you are a customer. Perhaps you use the disputed technology on a daily basis, unaware. 


Perhaps you are simply a good person who recognizes the loss of financial support for humanitarian relief really is a loss for us all, and society as a whole.


Perhaps it IS time to make things right and expose what really goes on behind those beautiful corporate facades and polished press releases? 


If yes, you can help!

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Again, the detailed timeline with events, activities, documents and main players can be accessed here.

Anything else we provide on an individual basis.


Together we can make this world a more truthful place, one technology at a time, one respectful human step at a time.

Thank you

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