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Sector 10, Inc., Sector 10 Holdings, Inc., Sector 10 Services USA, Inc., Pericles DeAvila Institute for Humanitarian Studies



Dutro Company, William Dutro, Vicki Davis, Lee Allen, Reality Engineering, Inc., John Gargett, Trusys, Inc., Valley Inception, LLC, Incisive Software Corporation, Rhino Med, Bill Bass

and Proximex Corporation (under ADT/Tyco & now Johnson Controls and Apollo Management LLC)

1. History: Sector 10 goes public and prepares product launch


2007: Sector 10 goes public in a reverse merger (see stock exchange agreement).


As part of the stock exchange agreement, the “DeAvila Alatus Foundation” automatically receives 10% of Sector 10 Inc’s equity and profits through the “Pericles DeAvila Institute for Humanitarian Studies, LLC.” 


2006-07:  Dutro Company approaches Sector 10 to assist with prototype development in hopes of gaining the manufacturing contract.


2007: Sector 10 issues a Manufacturing Agreement to the Dutro Company.  Dutro subsequently adds Reality Engineering (a Dutro partner), as well as other Dutro-affiliated parties (see Manufacturing Contract).


2007-08: Reality Engineering CEO Lee Allen (a Dutro relative and Dutro Company employee) contacts Sector 10 to propose a merger or acquisition with Reality Engineering and Red Rover. (Red Rover later becomes Incisive and part of Valley Inception).


Mid-2008: after a thorough review, Sector 10 decides not to pursue any acquisition or merger.  No further discussions were maintained.


Mid 2008: Sector 10 works with Dutro Company to develop a manufacturing budget and planning for Sector 10 products; including detailed manufacturing costs, number of units, lead and delivery times, and invoicing to Sector 10.


Lee Allen serves as the Dutro representative in the above budget and planning-related discussions. Lee Allen keeps William (Bill) Dutro and his sister Vicki Davis (Dutro) closely updated.  All budget and planning are agreed upon by Dutro Company and subsequently incorporated into Sector 10’s business plan to seek financing/funding.


Mid/Late 2008:  Sector 10 actively seeks financing based on the business plan developed in collaboration with Dutro Company.  Dutro and affiliates offer short term financing to expand the (already existing) product into the market. Lee Allen again acts as representative for Vicki Davis (Dutro) and Dutro affiliates to review cash flow projections prior to providing any short-term funding. After favorable review, Vicki Davis (Dutro) provides monthly cash flow draws. 


Late 2008: Manufacturing problems arise with the Dutro Company.  Product delivery is consistently delayed, late, and flawed when received. Numerous manufacturing errors need to be fixed.  Invoicing does not comply with the agreed upon manufacturing budget and planning.


2008: Sector 10 meets with representatives from Bank of America (BofA) and San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) to prepare the 2009 launch of the PLX-3D System in San Francisco. This effort was coordinated by Bank of America's own Fire Marshal Jack McCloskey, who became a formal advisor to Sector 10 in June 2009 (see announcement). 


2008: Sector 10 issues a press release to announce the 2009 San Francisco launch.  Reality Engineering CEO and Dutro-affiliate Lee Allen re-offers his services.


January 2009: Sector 10 enters into a limited agreement with Reality Engineering—under the direction of Lee Allen—to change the Sector 10's technology 3D User Interface from SolidWorks to Autodesk Revit software, and enhance the PLX-3D technology to prepare for the San Francisco launch in March 2009. 


Note: Reality Engineering is retained as a Dutro affiliate and falls under the Manufacturing Agreement, which includes (1) non-disclosure stipulations and (2) clearly states that all manufacturing enhancements are “works for hire” and Sector 10 retains exclusive and sole ownership, right, title and interests (see contract).


The limited engagement is capped at $50,000 and approved by the Sector 10 Board.  As part of this engagement, Lee Allen receives further access to the PLX-3D system and other confidential Sector 10 information.


Lee Allen invoices Sector 10 for $180,000 and refuses to provide any record of Reality Engineering’s alleged enhancements to the software.


Sector 10 intellectual property and equipment was NOT returned after the engagement ends.


March 2009: As the Sector 10 product arrives in California, Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila is introduced to Rex Smith and his wife, as well as the owner of manufacturing company Briggs and Stratton (with operations in China).  Introductions were made in person by Richard Davis—husband of Vicki Davis (Dutro).


2009:  Lee Allen, acting as a Dutro representative, develops new loan documents to provide permanent financing for Sector 10, funded by Dutro affiliates.  These new loan documents appear to entice Sector 10 to accept money from the individual IRA funds of William (Bill) Dutro and his sister Vicki Davis (Dutro) to pay back the initial investment that Vicki Davis and Bill Dutro provided as bridge financing at the end of 2008 through March 2009.


Sector 10 recognizes the illegality of this strategy and refuses.


In addition, these loan terms would have transferred control of Sector 10 to Dutro and affiliates. Again, Sector 10 rejects the agreement.


Strangely, despite the above-stated rejections and eventual non-agreement, Lee Allen promotes himself as the COO of Sector 10 and claims he is entitled to executive compensation.  These statements were false. Sector 10 formally denies Lee Allen’s status as COO.  The non-engagement of Lee Allen is later also confirmed by SEC auditors during the quarterly audits. 


Lee Allen contacts Moody Capital—and several other investors already engaged in discussions with Sector 10)—in an apparent attempt to sabotage potential alternative financing resources.  Moody Capital replies to Lee Allen with an inflammatory email (read email).


2009: While Sector 10 develops a relationship with Bank of America in San Francisco, Lee Allen and Dutro affiliates interfere with the Bank discussions. Lee Allen declares to Bank of America representatives that the Sector 10 technology is now under full control of Dutro and affiliated parties.


At the time, Sector 10 has no idea of the events taking place in the background.

Naive? Maybe. Hindsight is always 20/20.


2009: The Gage Group (Virginia) agrees to coordinate funding to deploy the PLX-3D technology as a security integrated first responder system across five cities, with a foreseen expansion to 20 cities later on, including federal facilities.


Again, Dutro and Dutro affiliates interfere and prevent the execution of the Gage Group partnership. 


Proximex later pursues a partnership with SAIC (Science Application International Corporation) to deploy the technology into federal and state facilities.  Sector 10 already had a relationship with SAIC since 2002/03.


March 2009: Dutro, Dutro affiliates, and Sector 10 cannot come to an agreement with respect to permanent financing.  All funding stops at the end of March 2009. 


Dutro requests full reimbursement of payments made and single-handedly quadruples the price to continue the manufacturing process.  This further delays production/deliveries.


2009: Sector 10 auditors perform an inventory review at the Dutro manufacturing facility.  They discover that Dutro is manufacturing a line of products very similar to Sector 10 products, but presented under different company names (list see lawsuit).  Those different companies were all owned by Dutro Company and/or Dutro affiliates.


Lee Allen contacts auditors directly and demands he is included in the report as a Sector 10 officer. Without any validity to the demand, auditors refuse.


2009: Dutro Company and Reality Engineering restructure their corporations and disburse assets. These moves protect those assets in case of litigation involving Sector 10, and diffuse a clear trace of Sector 10’s intellectual property.


2009: Sector 10 Board Member and employee John Gargett puts himself forward to negotiate a settlement with the Dutros regarding financing already provided, as well as continued manufacturing costs.   


In August 2009, a new agreement is signed by Sector 10, Vicki Davis (Dutro), William (Bill) Dutro and Dutro Company/Reality Engineering, resolving all disputed funds.


An identical yet separate agreement was drafted for Lee Allen, which he rejected.


August 2009: John Gargett resigns from Sector 10 immediately after the above agreements were finalized.  He states he has limited time to devote to the matter, yet offers to remain available through the end of 2009 should any issues arise.


2009: In accordance with the terms of the manufacturing agreement, Sector 10 requests the return of all documentation, intellectual property, software/enhancements, and equipment used for the engineering, software development and manufacturing processes related to Sector 10 products.  After numerous formal requests, Dutro and Reality Engineering refuse to provide any new information, nor return relevant assets.


2009: Sector 10 formally notifies Dutro Company that they are in breach of the Manufacturing Agreement.  Sector 10 issues a cease and desist for the unauthorized use of Sector 10 products. 


All manufacturing activity with the Dutro Company and Dutro affiliates ends at this time. 


Sector 10 repeatedly requests the return of all manufacturing data, tooling and inventory.  No manufacturing data or tooling was ever returned. Some inventory was returned, all damaged and unusable.

2. Discoveries / Technology Theft Migration


Investigations led to the following discoveries:


2006-07: Dutro and Dutro affiliates express interest in Sector 10 technology after being introduced to it by Sector 10 contract-engineer, Colby Haas.  (As a Sector 10 contractor, Colby Haas was working under ClearStream.)


Dutro and Dutro affiliates approach Sector 10 to offer their manufacturing services. 


Mid-2007: Sector 10 goes public through a reverse merger.


2007-08: Failed merger/acquisition attempt by Reality Engineering/Red Rover, orchestrated by Lee Allen.


Dutro manufacturing engineer (and witness) Lane Davis discloses that following this failed merger/acquisition attempt—and before the January 2009 enhancement agreement was in place—Reality Engineering spent two years moving equipment and proprietary information, unauthorized, from the Dutro manufacturing plant in Logan, Utah to:


(1) Reality Engineering offices in Camas, Washington


(2) Members affiliated with the Technology Engineering Department at Oregon State University in Portland, Oregon, and school honor affiliate Rex Smith.


(3) Proximex, a video server company in Silicon Valley led by CEO Jack Smith


  • Jack Smith is the cofounder of Hotmail and the son of Rex Smith

  • Jack Smith is part of Valley Inception Inc (2008, Delaware) and Valley Inception LLC (2009, California)

  • Jack Smith is an associate of tech analyst David Bunzel


In 2008, David Bunzel founds PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance) which leaks Sector 10 proprietary information as an open source tool to the market (see document).


Note: PSIA served as the perfect umbrella to give the ILLUSION of an open source tool. Evidence shows that PSIA carefully selected the shared/leaked information to shift an entire market, while parties behind the scene worked vigorously on rewriting the original copy under the expert guidance of Silicon Valley patent lawyer Raj Abhyanker


The leaks were carefully orchestrated to hide the core technology and its theft, while presenting it as a wide-spread market shift. 


Armed with years of Sector 10 research, trade secrets and extensive data, Dutro affiliates—later joined by John Gargett (now with Trusys)—move to create and lead PSIM Systems and related operating standards. 



2008-09: Evidence shows that with the support of Jack's father Rex Smith, Valley Inception and Incisive (lead by Jack Smith's Hotmail colleague Richard Burright) spring into operation, effectively changing the direction of Proximex from a video server business to being the self-proclaimed leader in the PSIM market after integrating Sector 10 technology.

March 2009: Sector 10 opens a demo site in San Jose, California in preparation for the San Francisco launch.  The demo site receives visits from Rex Smith, representatives from Bay Alarm, and the owner of Briggs & Stratton; all as guests of Richard and Vicky Davis (Dutro).


2009: In San Francisco, Bank of America employees meet with Lee Allen (Reality Engineering).  Lee Allen discloses to Bank of America that he (and associates) have taken control over the Sector 10 technology.


Jason Myers, a Bank of America vice-president, notifies Sector 10 of the claims made by Lee Allen.  During his Bank of America deposition, Myers proceeds to confirm the Lee Allen claims on record.


Fall 2009:  Unauthorized and unbeknownst to Sector 10, John Gargett appears before a congressional hearing on behalf of Dutro and Dutro Affiliates,  to gather support to expand the technology into European markets through The Netherlands.   


2009: While still under contract with Sector 10, John Gargett joins Trusys.  Trusys uses Sector 10 technology know-how to promote PSIA’s agenda to advance the PLX-3D system abroad. Trusys is supposedly funded by Dutro and/or Dutro affiliates. 


End of 2009 – early 2010: Sector 10 becomes aware that something much larger than a manufacturing dispute has occurred.


May 2010:  For a gross monthly fee of $72,917, TYCO enters into a consulting agreement with Robert B. Allen that leads to the acquisition of Brinks Home Security Holdings (BHS) - see SEC form 8K .



Early 2010: Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila calls John Gargett to order.  John Gargett is unforthcoming. Soon after this conversation, Sector 10 is served with numerous different lawsuits, all within a matter of weeks. (see section lawsuits)


Plaintiffs for the separate cases include Dutro Company, Lee Allen, Reality Engineering and a “Mr. Johnson.”


2011: Sector 10, and Pericles personally, spend all their time, money and energy defending themselves, and attempt to control the massive damage created by these and subsequent law suits.


2011: Sector 10 successfully moves the lawsuits from Logan to Salt Lake City (see section lawsuits).


Spring 2011: ADT/Tyco acquires Proximex.


Fall 2011/12: Ljiljana Minwalla, an IP attorney in New York, confirms that ADT/Tyco has a very similar technology as that of Sector 10 and did not develop it themselves.  She also confirms that ADT/Tyco obtained the technology through the acquisition of Proximex.


2012: Sector 10 lawyers contact ADT/Tyco through Bank of America counsel and inform ADT that they are in possession of, and selling stolen intellectual property (read letter here).  Sector 10 advises them to be cautious as they prepare to split ADT and Tyco into separate public companies based on this technology.


Summer 2012: Sector 10 receives proof that the split of Tyco and ADT is being fully supported and underwritten by Bank of America’s subsidiary Merrill Lynch.


2012: Tyco moves its headquarters from Bermuda to Switzerland. 


2012/13: A trail through online publications, LinkedIn profiles, and general social media channels, shows the theft nucleus originating in Portland, Oregon, and the PLX-3D system broken up into at least nine (9) different companies incorporated over six (6) different states:


  • Dutro family and affiliates, Logan, Utah

  • Juniper Systems, Utah

  • Rhino Med, Utah

  • Reality Engineering, Washington/Oregon/Nevada/Delaware

  • Miller Consulting, Oregon

  • Trusys, Washington (Seattle)

  • Red Rover / Incisive, Oregon (Portland)

  • Valley Inception, Delaware / California (San Jose, Santana Row)

  • Proximex, Delaware / California (San Jose, Santana Row)



All of the above companies involve Dutro and Dutro affiliates. Parties are related to each other as family (90%) or long-standing friendships, including at Bay Alarm, ADT and Tyco. 


2009-11: Now that the technology is leaked and broken up into different parts, Raj Abhyanker  (www.rajpatent.com), a Silicon Valley patent lawyer, rewrites the technology so the original patent and IP can be altered and transferred to (and through) the various involved parties. 


Note: in order to circumvent the patent process (which would bring patent infringement to light), Raj Abhyanker—on behalf of Dutro and Dutro affiliates—files for copyrights (rather than patents) on all of the Sector 10 technology and related products.

3. Law Suits


2010: Logan, Utah: Sector 10 is buried under an avalanche of lawsuits to distract, and eliminate the company.


2010: Logan, Utah: Sector 10 discovers that one of the assigned judges in Logan, Utah—Judge Allen—is a related party to the Dutro family.  Sector 10’s legal counsel Fabian & Clendenin, advise Sector 10 to file a law suit in Salt Lake City to argue venue and transfer all lawsuits to Salt Lake County.   


2011: Salt Lake City, Utah: Sector 10 becomes the plaintiff on record: all related claims are consolidated into a single Salt Lake County lawsuit filed by Sector 10.  Full consolidation finalizes in 2012: Case No. 119907606, Salt Lake City County, State of Utah


2011: San Francisco: Berg & Androphy, a Texas legal firm, hears about Sector 10’s case and decides to get involved.  They file a case against Bank of America in San Francisco, claiming damages on behalf of Sector 10 (effectively leaving Bank of America out of the Utah case).  This San Francisco case was followed through by the firm Kennedy & Berg (NY), son of the elder Berg (from Berg & Androphy).


2012: San Francisco: Bank of America fires all employees and contractors that took part in Sector 10 product demonstrations and related interactions; including vice-president Jason Meyers. 


Bank of America denies during court proceedings that their own Fire Marshal Jack McCloskey (who coordinated the BofA discussions with Sector 10 to help launch San Francisco as the first city to implement the PLX3D system) was never even an employee. When McCloskey brought his badge and paychecks to a deposition, that lie was quickly exposed.


2013: Salt Lake City, Utah: Sector 10 law firm Dalton & Kelly, introduce Sector 10 to an additional law firm: Eisenberg & Gilchrist. Together they convince Sector 10 to move the case forward on a contingency basis.


2013: Salt Lake City, Utah: Sector 10 enters a contract with Eisenberg & Gilchrist to expand the claims in the Utah case. 


Early 2015: Salt Lake City, Utah: Eisenberg & Gilchrist and Dalton & Kelly, lawyers for Sector 10 (plaintiff), abruptly abandon the lawsuit, leaving it in shambles.  


One day before abandoning the case, the exiting Sector 10 lawyers remove several key Dutro affiliates from the lawsuit (with prejudice), including John Gargett and Trusys. This move was NOT authorized by Sector 10.


Moreover, court records show that defendants Dutro and Dutro affiliates file a motion requesting Sector 10 to appoint new council, before Eisenberg & Gilchrist and Dalton & Kelly had even removed themselves from the case ...


Note: In 2016, it was discovered that Eisenberg & Gilchrist and Dalton & Kelly, both lawyers for Sector 10 (plaintiff), may have had direct dealings with defendants.


2015: San Francisco: The San Francisco case against Bank of America was lost in appeal.  The 3-judge panel found that Bank of America had caused insufficient damages to support Sector 10’s claim.


2015: Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila is informed that Kennedy & Berg lawyers in New York receive several calls, threatening them in relation to their involvement in the Bank of America case.  After the case was lost, Pericles receives an email from Kennedy and Berg warning him to be cautious …


2015: San Francisco: Further investigation discovers that it was not Bank of America but its subsidiary Merrill Lynch that had been an active participant in promoting the acquisition of Sector 10’s stolen technology, and in the financing of the largest market cap increase in the history of ADT/Tyco.  This information came too late to be brought into the San Francisco case.


December 2015: Salt Lake City, Utah: Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila is pressured to come and immediately retrieve all evidence related to the Sector 10 lawsuits from the Eisenberg & Gilchrist law firm.  Sector 10 refuses as that would result in a tainting of the evidence and evidence trail.


Early 2015 – April 2016: The Sector 10 lawsuits against Dutro and Dutro affiliates involved in the theft are dormant but still pending.  Sector 10 has no formal legal representation during this time.


April 2016: Salt Lake City, Utah: Sector 10 (plaintiff) engages attorneys Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Deere.


April – May 2016: Salt Lake City, Utah: Dutro and Dutro affiliates (defendants) file a motion to dismiss the case, claiming Sector 10 (plaintiff) has no legal representation, nor actively pursues claims. 


The court finds that Sector 10 (plaintiff) lawyers had improperly managed the case before abruptly abandoning.  Therefore, the court grants dismissal without prejudice and informs Sector 10 CEO Pericles DeAvila he has one year to refile the case, preserving all claims.


June 2016: Salt Lake City, Utah: Counsel for Dutro and Dutro affiliates (defendants) return to court to ask to reverse its order to dismiss without prejudice, and move the case forward as is. Court agrees but requests the case move forward in a more timely manner.


Note: it is unfortunate the court allowed the case to move forward as is. A refiling would have allowed Sector 10 to bring back John Gargett, Trusys, and other key defendants.


August–September 2016: Sector 10’s legal counsel issue three dozen subpoenas.


Dutro and Affiliates (defendants) and their own counsel contact all subpoena recipients and inform them that no action is required on their part, and subsequently advise them to not provide any requested information.


Note: At the exact same, the merger of Tyco by Johnson Controls is finalized (September 2016 press release).


Note: ADT is acquired by Apollo Global Management LLC in Spring 2016 (see article)


Note: Dutro affiliate Reality Engineering appears to be reborn as Reality Engineering Solutions, Summer 2016


Note: Valley Inception's website is down and the company is listed as defunct on Zoom Info.

November 2016:  Salt Lake City, Utah:  Counsel for Sector 10 (plaintiff) Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Deere withdraw from the case and file the required motion "staying the case,” putting the case temporarily on hold for 20 days as to allow new counsel to step in. 


During the transition of legal representation, scheduled depositions are canceled


Defendants use this opportunity to file yet another request for dismissal with prejudice, openly asking the court to bend the rules in their favor. 


Sector 10’s CFO Larry Madison writes a letter to the court stating that Sector 10 followed court rules and that the exit of Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Johnson was properly filed and new counsel had been secured on contingency to move the case forward.


In addition, Sector 10 pleads to the court to reject the continuous dismissal requests by defendants and help the case move to a speedy trial after now 8 years.


November-December 2016: Sector 10 engages Salt Lake City based Pia Anderson Moss Hoyt as their new legal counsel. 


December 2016:  Sector 10 proposes immediate depositions of Sector 10 executives.  Defendants do not respond.  Depositions were later scheduled for March 2017.


February 2017:  Court rejects the defendant’s latest request for dismissal.  A revised Case Management Order (CMO) is filed with the Court.


March 2016: Salt Lake City, Utah: Sector 10 executives are deposed by the defendants' attorneys.


April 2017 – June 2017:  Sector 10’s counsel prepares for the defendants’ depositions to be scheduled at a date later this year. 


June 2017: Sector 10 is informed that defendants Dutro and Dutro affiliates intend to file yet another request for dismissal, which would effectively stall the case for months … if not years.


October 2017: Whistleblowers uncover new evidence on how the defendants strategized to monetize and globalize the stolen technology.  


November 2017: Defendants Dutro and Dutro affiliates' failure to meet case filing deadlines now places the case on a fast track for trial. Sector 10 files a motion to lift the block that was placed on their discovery which left nearly 60 subpoenas unanswered.


November - December 2017: Defendants file for an extension on their case filing deadline, after Sector 10 requests the court’s permission to move forward with their own discovery and lift the hold on the nearly 60 unanswered subpoenas.


December 2017: A lead serves up hundreds of new documents, unveiling the timely creation of a web of entities—and the people behind them—used to mask the Sector 10 technology theft and related activities. 


Evidence also highlights a strong possibility that then ADT/TYCO was already fully aware the technology would be delivered to them through/after a well-crafted laundry operation.


As of this week, just in time for the Holidays, this new evidence is in the hands of our attorneys, as well as several State and Federal agencies.


To summarize, evidence shows a publicly traded company (Sector 10) was defrauded and its technology illegally laundered before passing it on to another publicly traded company, then ADT/TYCO. All parties involved accumulated wealth, while thousands of Sector 10 investors lost everything, and yet others invested in the lie.


January 2018: The Court has not made a ruling with regard to the deadline extension for defendants.


January 2018: The Court has not made a ruling to allow Sector 10 to proceed with its discovery.


February 2018: Sector 10 is informed by the Court that all defendants filed for Summary Judgement, in a final attempt to have the case dismissed, claiming "futile litigation" (see filing screenshot below).  


This filing was made arbitrarily as the judge has not made a ruling to extend the defendant’s missed November deadline. As of February 8, 2018 - the ruling allowing or denying the filing of a Summary Judgement after missing the deadline is still not made.


Note: Defendants file Summary Judgement after finishing their discovery phase, but BEFORE Sector 10 is allowed to continue their own discovery. This makes the following excerpt from their own filing an interesting one (see screenshot below).


How can the judge follow the law or prevent a “harsh” move when  Sector 10 is not given access to legal discovery channels …?


Defendants are still blocking the release of subpoenas and made a rogue move to prevent Sector 10 from bringing its newfound evidence to the table.


February 2018: Sector 10 is still waiting on the judge to lift the hold on subpoenas so Sector 10 can proceed with its own discovery phase.


This is the 9th year of litigation and defendants still do everything they can to block Sector 10 from obtaining legal discovery through the courts, while Sector 10 investigators recently uncovered the parties, entities created and/or restructured, as well as clear evidence of a massive coverup. 


February 2018Newly uncovered evidence shows how Dutro divested various assets to generate liquidity/cash to further promote Sector 10 technology, under their control.


  • In 2008-09 Dutro sells Logan Coach, a trailer manufacturing company in Logan, Utah.


  • Most importantly, it was the separate sale of the land and warehouse (jointly owned by Lee Allen and Bill Dutro) near the Dutro manufacturing facility that generated more than $7M - money disbursed to both Dutro and Lee Allen.


  • At this time the Dutros start moving any and all assets that could potentially be seized in future litigation into the names of their children and grandchildren – all under LLCs.


Note: The Dutro Company in contract with Sector 10 was with Dutro Company California. The initial lawsuit the Dutros filed against Sector 10 was done by a Dutro Company in Utah.


  • Further investigation shows several Dutro companies, used interchangeably by the parties across both California and Utah, only distinguishable by close examination of the entity filing number: identical names, same registered agents, different entity filing number: 


time period of Sector 10 the technology theft: 2008-2009

- acquisition of Sector 10 technology by ADT/TYCO through Proximex: 2011


For a visualization of this and other evidence, please visit the 2018 NEW EVIDENCE  page ...

February 15, 2018: Sector 10, Inc re-launches its company website - sector10.com

NEW EVIDENCE : Current evidence shows how Reality Engineering moved all of its assets in 2009, essentially leaving the company a shell.

February 22, 2018  Judge once again denies Sector 10 the opportunity to proceed with legal discovery (as Plaintiffs) through the courts. Close to 60 subpoenas remain unanswered.

Sector 10 will now prepare to respond to Summary Judgement Motions.

February 23, 2018 Sector is not allowed or will disclose the content of the motions marked private, but as you can imagine, a busy day of reading and preparing material, looking at new evidence to address the convoluted points set forth by defendants was the order of the day.

April 16, 2018  Sector 10 Plaintiffs confidently file responses to Defendants Summary Judgement Motions


May14, 2018  Defendants file rebuttals to Sector 10's SJM responses.


Meanwhile, investigators continue to unveil the webbed layers that lead many to fraudulent wealth as evidence continues to expose.


We expect another release of evidence as investigators prepare another White Collar Facades expose!


June 7, 2018 moves towards a court hearing on August 22, 2018. Both sides to present oral arguments in front of the Judge.


July 9, 2018 - The investigation into the technology laundry operations continues to reveal baffling new evidence, as Pericles DeAvila shows up as Chairman and  CEO of a company in Bellingham Washington without his knowledge or consent.


Other parties listed in connection to this new information include John Gargett a Bellingham resident and (former Sector 10 board member, who slipped out of the case as indicated by evidence showing questionable dealings with former Sector 10 attorneys) as well as two lawyers now running Venture Capital firms. See image below.


The Company: LumenIQ - Ref: Bellingham Chamber of Commerce, State of WA.

The company seems to be focused on security consulting services and arms training for the U.S Government .

On a Bing.com search, Its seems to be providing Sector 10 Services...



In addition, the ongoing investigation found evidence that other Utah-based lawyers connected to the Dutros turned business leaders "overnight."  As such, evidence points to Greg Bishop from Control 4, Inc - a supposed home appliance shop that went public to everyone's surprise. This company too was restructured in 2009, during the same timeframe as the Dutro and related party company restructuring activity - see visualized timeline. Ties to San Diego- based management and Reality Engineering continue to be investigated.


Evidence also shows 2009 graduate student Dan Allen - Lee Allen's son - claiming the independent creation and invention of Sector 10 technology.  Evidence shows he is connected to Control 4, Inc and now owns several businesses relating wireless peripherals. 


Evidence shows the son of Richard Davis (husband of Vicky Davis, former Dutro) leaking proprietary Sector 10 information to other companies such as Juniper Systems, Inc in Logan, Utah.

Evidence shows another Bill Dutro nephew (last name Allen) working as an engineer at Dutro Company and dealing with Sector 10 technology, becoming a so-called inventor of technology based on the same trade secrets.  He is now also at Juniper Systems.


After the stolen Sector 10 technology sale to Tyco/ADT, new Reality Engineering companies are formed based on technology "not of their own making" as evidence shows.


In the same timeframe, other entities tied to Jack Smith and Valley Inception are formed based on technology "not of their own making" as evidence shows.


Presently, all evidence points to a small group of individuals adept at concealing their fraudulent actions by manipulating/convoluting the system with complex corporate structures across various states, even extending to foreign countries.


Much more has been discovered that can possibly bring about the demise of verified pinnacles, we shall graciously reserve that information for a later time. 

July 9, 2018 - The investigation into the technology

October 10, 2018

The Court in Sector 10 Holdings Inc.’s litigation against a number of defendants, titled Sector 10, Inc. Plaintiffs . v. Lee Allen et al., Case No. 119907606 in the Third District Court Salt Lake County, Utah, issued its oral ruling on defendants’ motions for summary judgment to dismiss all of Sector 10’s claims against them.


In its ruling, the Court denied defendants’ request to dismiss Sector 10’s claims for breach of contract and tortious interference against certain defendants. The Court, however, did grant defendants’ requests to dismiss Sector 10’s claims for misappropriation of trade secrets.


With this ruling, Sector 10 can now pursue its tortious interference and breach of contract claims in a second phase of fact discovery that Sector 10 believes will result in additional evidence further supporting its claims.


On $SECI Trading issues leading up the October 5th

Sector 10, Inc has been in touch with the SEC, and yes, there appears to have been some shady activity, along with a tremendous amount of shorting.


Some investor called on the SEC to investigate manipulative market activity that drove $SECI to the Gray Market.

Sector 10 is also to cooperate with SEC in investigating defendants actions.


February, 2019 - Judge accepts an enters ruling.

Sector 10's Legal team prepares for discovery.

February 14th, 2019 - Sector files SEC 10Q and announces judges acceptance of ruling



February 15th, 2019- Sector 10 Plaintiffs meet with legal counsel and finalized decisions to pursue a new case in the courts under Federal RICO statutes.

New evidence clearly show the need for new claims, and a new course of action to address civil conspiracy and other claims best pursued under Federal RICO.

Sector 10 will now weigh its financial options and or opportunities for contingency in the pursuit of justice!

Current Legal Team for Sector 10, will be addressing only the remaining issues in the current UTAH case before the State Courts.

All 2018 evidence trail and pertinent information will be set aside to be entered under the Federal RICO.



March 17th, 2019 Investigation updates


New Evidence surfaces showing the dark world of Dutro/Allen Group and associated parties:

Back in early 2009, Lee Allen drove to California in a truck and trailer with Pericles Deavila to take product to Silicon Valley to start the set up and process that was to deliver SF as the first city to launch PLX3D with the involvement of SFFD in partnership with BofA, this was setup by BoA's Fire Marshal Jack Mc.., The first city to launch the PLX3D. 


During the plus 10 hour trip, Lee Allen divulges to Sector 10’s CEO a couple of strange tales that are now being investigated.

In one such tale on that drive:

Lee Allen, told a story on how Dutro/Lee Allen had worked with their attorneys and, as a group they apparently got an accountant/CPA to lie under oath in a court trial, getting a business owner/CEO to get thrown in jail. Weird right?


When asked about whereabouts of this person, Lee Allen turned red and changed subject, stated Pericles.

Pericles thought it strange, and started to take note of this odd yet boastful behavior by Mr. Allen on this 10-hour trip. Surreal, meanwhile Mr. Deavila had no idea of the events that were about to unfold for Sector 10 and the back door dealing that had already been set in motion.

10 Years later, we find the tale told by Mr. Allen is actually based on fact and as evidence shows “the tale, not tale” is about the former owner and CEO of Logan Coach, a company in Logan, UT that made luxury horse trailers. A company that was to become Dutro/Allen asset. A company that was sold off in 2009 along with land where it was placed to fund the Sector 10 Tech breach and migration that Dutro’s, Allen, Davis, Smith, Jackson Families and others profited from. Lets not forget the Big Corporations.

The Case of this tale appears to be sealed in the courts in Logan, Utah. As of yet our investigators don’t have access to it in Logan (Dutro/Allen stronghold) although the FBI has been notified.

Evidence shows that indeed this person, owner/CEO went to jail on what according to Lee Allen’s own admission, the man was framed, there was witness tampering and bribery, and most astonishing is that the man was later found dead?!

If/when the possibility of examination and/or evidence prove or confirm Lee Allen's slip "of the tongue" was that particular business owner/CEO falsely accused, falsely committed to time in jail and later dead? a "suicide"?


What happened to this poor soul, it is for sure a tale that needs to be revisited by the authorities! As it appears that for Mr. Allen and the Dutro organization, Sector 10 was just a bump in the road, one of the many as we now believe the possibility of foul play where a man lost his life is telling of how these people operate. 

Mr. Lee Allen and Mr. William Dutro, affiliated parties and legal counsel will have a lot to answer, hopefully the authorities will take note, especially in Utah. 

Evidence also shows a pattern with decades of court records and the many, many cases, where Dutros/Allen legal counsel seems to have been an active participant in planning and managing the drama that follows.

Remember, Lee Allen claiming to be an officer of Sector 10, Inc? Remember Sector 10 was sued by a shell company, whereas the true contracted company (Dutro California, Inc contract with Sector 10) along with management members moved all their assets to other entities in 2009, and yes Lee Allen the COO of record. All the companies they opened and closed and reopened after the laundry was done?

As the layers keep being pulled back, updates will continue. The creation of PSIA, (Evidence shows that it was not the first time time that Smith and Bunzel started one of these associations) The Lady that left Cisco, the Chinese money, it’s true purpose along with the speed in which ADT/TYCO prepared to receive the technology, how it ended up at Johnson Controls, the involvement of BofA-Merril Lynch, the money for the market cap increase, Apollo Global, as well as updates on the pursuit of RICO.

Further clarification as to the involvement of the various attorneys who enriched themselves, (BTW, they get no protection in RICO) including the ones that had no problem with the use of Pericles name as the CEO LuminIQ in Bellingham Washington, how it was funded are also concerns along with the support of Silicon Valley’s Investor elite with money into China Ventures and other entities as directed/advised by Richard (Dick) Davis, the husband of Vicki Davis and his friend Rex Smith father to Jack Smith Former CEO of Proximex. 

Also under Investigation is the possibility China Ventures funding is connected to Briggs and Stratton through LLC's, and through a relationship to Richard Davies and remember the Ms XU from Cisco ? Silicon Valley was a mess in 2008, DOW at $7500, this was a time ripe for a scene from Oceans 11.

"Sector 10 was bridging the gap then" check our press releases and, look who's bridging gap now? so much evidence still being researched for accuracy!

John Gargett’s communications with the chief technologist at Department of Homeland Security in 2009 while at Sector 10 and the subsequent changes to the intro of PSIA and Proximex, the former NSA Member on the board of Proximex and the hearing in congress to the importance of PSIM, as well as the pre-planning and set up of PSIM in the Netherlands and the sale of the technology to Japan and other countries.

Our team continues investigating and examining evidence as discovery is now underway in the current case in the Utah Courts. We know that further discovery under RICO should reveal much more as the Sector 10 teamprepares for it over the next few months.

Sector 10’s Chairman/Ceo, Pericles Deavila declined any comments, simply stating. “the truth will be known" 


Sector 10 thanks all of you who are working on this, you matter, keep it coming! We have great people on this, everyone’s support is appreciated, it all matters, maybe they all just forgot to pay us? or that there is a rug someplace this can get sweep under? Well, next update, is expected June1st...

Below is one layer of the larger onion, at this layer evidence shows Friends/Families sat down and made a plan maybe?!, the next layers and the pinnacles will start to crack.



























March 20th, 2019 search finds:

Dave Bunzel as CEO of digital media IX - A businesss intended on addressing media, Millennials and opportunity.


It also finds: Lee Allen joining Strum Agency Inc, a company that was recently restructured, formerly known as Weber Marketing Group, Inc in Seattle, doing essencially almost the same thing?  Let's find out where that restructuring investment came from?

Also of interest, online bios of many individuals appear to be changing, such as Jack Smith and Ms. Xu have all been rewritten, omitting Valley inception, Proximex and the last 10 years.

A technology that changed the Security Industry is not worth being seen as an achievement? 


It is now obvious that when Mr. Lee Allen's/Dutro group, planned and ordered the Sector 10 servers they had access to erased --- (Allen admitted) --- Apparently, not before copying everything on them, with the various business plans, research and much more.


The question being, aside from the US Big boys club involvement, how much may have been sold to China through China Ventures?  


Sector 10's saving grace for the emails and all the documents it has in the Court, was only because they where on Google servers.


All the servers they had contract access to, where intentionally and purposely fried...


Introducing, Gladiator Media, LLC, registered in Nevada. A former Sector 10 Company AND; Let us see what Mr. Bunzel and Mr. Lee Allen are REALLY up to now? 


PRESS RELEASE 6/3/2019 Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECI)

2019 Shareholder / Investor updates:

The company announced today that as of May 30th, 2019, it has not reached a decision or appointed counsel in the pursuit of a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) in Federal Courts based on evidence it collected in 2018.

Sector 10 has cleared conflicts and received proposals from two multi-national legal teams and, is currently considering those proposals very carefully.

Management is also considering funding options as the RICO case will be a considerable undertaking, predicted to last approximately 2 years at a cost of over $1 Million.


Considerations may include funding in whole or in part by current qualified investors and/or some form of  a contingency arrangement with legal counsel. Management wants to protect the interests of its shareholders first and foremost, especially those that have hung in there so long.

The company was also recently referred and advised to seek counsel from Preet Bharara, Former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and other experts as to the complexities of the case and how to best address the potentially high-profile parties involved.

Read full Press Release at Sector10.com